Backlit Fabric

Backlit Fabric Graphics
Backlit fabric is a fabulous product which performs equally well as a reflective display or a backlit display. The vibrancy of color and ease of transport, plus its greener component parts make backlit fabric a more desirable solution over its predecessor. The lightsource with backlit fabric is an LED light source which provide an overall even lighting, even for large format graphics. These LED lights use less power and are lightweight and portable. They are often outfitted into a channel on the interior of the aluminum lightbox.  The fabric graphic glides easily into a special channel at the front edge of the  light box. This is accomplished with a silicone gasket being sewn into the perimeter of the fabric graphic. This is so easy to install or dismantle by simply pressing it into its SEG frame. There is no layer of protection required on top of this fabric image due to durability. This leaves the overall lightbox package significantly less weighty, since there is no plexiglass outer layer. The lightbox can tear down into sections and store in a tube for shipping. Its handling and shipping is less costly, and leaves less of a carbon footprint.

The printing process for backlit fabric is called dye sublimation transfer fabric printing. It uses water-based dyes, which is more earth-friendly than solvents.  The dyes are gassed and become permanently encapsulated into the fibers, and therefore, washable. The end product possesses characteristics such as deep color saturation, a sharp image, durability; ultimately providing great visual impact. The fabric light boxes are made of recyclable aluminum extrusion designed to accept the silicone edge on the fabric graphic and the rear diffusion sheet, as well as a channel for securing the LED wires. These backlit fabric displays are easy to assemble, lightweight, easy to transport, and provide a green solutions. Recycled fabric options are available.

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